New -8% Temporarily Out Of Stock Magimix COCOTTE SLOW COOKER

The NEW Cocotte slow cooking accessory can be used seamlessly with your Cook Expert and all types of cooktops, offering three distinct cooking modes:

  • Precise Slow Cooking: Use the Cook Expert for controlled simmering and slow cooking, unlocking flavourful and tender results.
  • Browning/ Searing Perfection: Achieve exceptional browning directly on cooktops, including induction hobs, for a beautifully caramelised finish.
  • High-Temperature Oven Cooking: Safely transfer to the oven for high-heat recipes, pushing your culinary creativity further.

Cast aluminium casserole dish compatible with the Cook Expert and other heat sources.

With the Cocotte slow cooking accessory, you can enjoy gentle cooking, uniform heat distribution, retention of nutrients and authentic flavours, all thanks to cooking to a precise degree. 

Note: You will need to update your Cook Expert to the latest software to use the Cocotte programmes. 



  • Use on the Cook Expert for simmering to the exact degree
  • Use on all cooktops (including induction) for successful browning
  • Use in the oven, for cooking at high temperatures or for baking

Slow cooking in a casserole dish offers you the benefits of healthy cooking that retains the nutritional benefits of the ingredients. The Magimix Cocotte slow cooking accessory allows even heat distribution for perfect cooking. The underside of the lid, with its condensation pins, redistributes a shower of flavours evenly for a soft result and concentrated aromas.



Slow Cooking - Durable Material - Large Capacity

Light and non-stick - Simmer to the nearest degree - For 2 to 10 people

It is up to 2 times lighter than an enamelled cast iron casserole dish of the same capacity. Its non-stick fusion-ceramic coating will ensure trouble-free cooking with minimal added fat. With a large capacity (7L), it will allow you to delight your guests' taste buds, up to 10 people.

Create easy, healthy, slow cooker meals for busy weeknights, one-pot meals, comfort food recipes, and more. The Cocotte slow-cooking accessory is perfect for stews and soups, braised meats, casseroles, and even bread baking. This versatile accessory acts as a slow cooker but also a Dutch oven or French oven with added capabilities. 

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