masha - The Perfect Potato & Vegetable Masher

Out Of Stock masha - The Perfect Potato & Vegetable Masher

Designed in Australia, the Masha uses patented Rotor Cone technology to gently squeeze potato through an outer mesh. The result is restaurant quality, smooth creamy mash in seconds.
Easy to clean and safe for dishwashers, Masha is as friendly on non-stick pots as it is on busy mums. So bid farewell to lumpy mash once and for all.

  • Engineered to perform: Metal drive gears and a powerful double reduction gearbox provide the muscle to drive the ROTOR at exactly the right speed for the perfect result. 
  • Patented ROTOR-CONE technology: uses a low speed rotor to force mash through an outer mesh. This produces mash with a perfect consistently and no lumps, in seconds.
  • Quick-Release Rotor Blade: A spring loaded mechanism locks the shaft when the power unit is detached, allowing the Rotor Blade to be removed with a simple turn and click. This means there are no places for ingredients to hide, making wash-up a breeze.
  • Compact Design: It was designed to slip into the cutlery drawer so it's always at hand and easy to store.
  • Easy to hold, easy to use: a forward biased non-slip handgrip with balanced weight distribution and a perfectly positioned button. This means it places less strain on your wrist and always feels comfortable to hold.

Warranty: 12 months manufacturer limited warranty

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