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Borner V-Slicer Curly Cutter

The Curly Cutter creates long or short curly strips. Run the vegetable/cheese horizontally over the blades. Vegetables can then be placed in cold water to get a twist effect. ..

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Borner V-Slicer Rosti Cutter

The Original Borner Rosti PowerLIne is ideal for grating cheese and cutting fine strips for potato Rosti dishes.  Made in Germany For cutting fruit, vegetables and cheese into small strip..

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Borner V-Slicer Safety Hat Back In Stock Soon

Borner V-Slicer Safety Hat

Works for all V-Slicer range, protect your fingers. ..

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Borner V-Slicer Slice / Serve Bowl

The Borner V-Slicer and any of it's accessories can be attached directly to the topof the serving bowl. The food being processed then falls directly into the bowl. A great help when making coleslaw an..

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Borner V-Slicer V3 with Multibox holder -13%

Borner V-Slicer V3 with Multibox holder

The original Borner V-Slicer has three slide attachments. The flat insert is reversible and allows two different size slices. The two blade inserts (3.5mm & 7mm) allows both thin and thick julienn..

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Borner V-Slicer V5 Slicer - Limited edition Purple

V5 Slicer - Includes Safty Hat, 3.5mm & 7mm Blade Inserts & Multibox One touch thickness adjustment Plain insert: 4 different slices plus safety position 3.5mm insert: 2 different sl..

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Borner V3 Multi-Box Holder -20%

Borner V3 Multi-Box Holder

Multi-box for convenient storage of the Original V-Slicer (with safety lock). To hang on the wall or store in an upright position on the cupboard or counter top. ..

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Borner V-Slicer Roko Shredder Powerline Violet

With this cutter form the Original V-Slicer range of products, any kind of raw fruit and vegetables can be finely shredded for salads or decoration. ..

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Borner Waffle Slicer Cutter XXL Powerline Violet

For cutting firm vegetable/ fruit into attractive, corrugated-waffle like or spiral shaped pieces. Create your own special table decorations. Cuts veggies into waffle slices XXL thickness. ..

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